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About Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmission

Our History

Leale's Family | San Jose, CA and the Bay Area, CA | Leale's

Leale’s is a family owned and operated business with over 50 years of experience working on cars and small to heavy-duty trucks and buses, and all classes of RVs.In 1961, my father, James Leale, Sr., began working on transmissions and drive-train components, and opened his own shop in 1965. My mother, Brenda, contributed as office manager, accountant, and payroll administrator. I started helping my dad out in the shop when I was twelve. Through experience, technical classes, and reading manuals, I developed my expertise with transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials. When my dad retired in 1999, I took over the auto and transmission business and vowed to maintain his same high standards, hard work, and commitment to outstanding quality and customer service. As our business continued to grow, we opened a second shop to service and repair heavy-duty trucks and RVs.In 2010, we combined our RV, boat, and auto storage facility with our RV service and repair business. We are now in a 100,000 square foot facility that also includes our Collision Center.As automotive engineering technologies continue to advance, we continually develop our staff to master these new technologies. We provide superior diagnosis, service, and repair in both segments of our business: RV, and Automotive and Transmission. We look forward to the opportunity to provide outstanding service for your vehicles.

leales-fleet-about-jim-jr– James Leale, Jr.

In Memoriam

James Michael Leale, Sr.

James Michael Leale - Founder of Leale's Auto Repair & TransmissionFebruary 15, 1942 – May 28, 2016

It is with great sadness that we say “Good bye.” to our founder and patriarch, Jim Leale Sr..Jim passed away on May 28th as the result of a boating accident.

Anyone who knew him knows that he went out in Jim Leale Sr. style, doing what he loved. He left us, as he had lived, with the wind in his face, an engine spooling up and overcoming his senses, a ringing in his ears, and the adrenaline that he so liked from the sensation of speed and acceleration.

His bright smile and contagious laugh will stay with all of us. Jim was a problem solver at heart and known for his integrity, helpfulness and ability to fix just about anything. Able to retire early, leaving the business he built and loved in the capable hands of his son, Jim Jr., he was able to live the balanced life he so strongly believed in. Speeding through the desert on his dirt bike, or flying over the water on his favorite lake, he loved spending time with friends while playing with his “outdoor toys.”

Jim and the love of his life, his wife, Brenda, raised two children, Jim Jr. and Sherri, both of whom work for the family business. He opened his auto and transmission repair shop in 1965 and quickly gained a reputation for excellent service and a jovial, caring approach with his customers. His commitment to outstanding quality and customer service remains a major part of the current Leale’s culture.

When we think of Jim Sr., it’s hard not to hear in our minds……

“Yep, that there is how it’s done!”

Rest in peace, Jim Sr. You are missed.

Our philosophy

At Leale’s, our entire team is passionate about serving you with the highest quality. We are committed to partner with you and deliver the best possible solutions and continually improve. Enjoy safe and fun travels.

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