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Clutch Repair Service in San Jose

Rely On Us for Clutch Replacement

While you are operating your vehicle, the engine is turning over and over. Your transmission is connected to your engine, which then sends power to the wheels. However, a vehicle is not always running at every second, which means the linkage should not be constant. With a manual transmission vehicle, the clutch is used to disengage and engage the engine and the transmission. When something goes wrong with the clutch, it can cause major issues with the operation of your vehicle.

A few examples that your clutch needs to be serviced by a professional include:

  • Burning smell from the vehicle
  • Gear slippage or jerking
  • Clutch sticking

Clutch issues or failure should not be ignored because they can be dangerous. You must immediately stop driving your vehicle and bring it in to be serviced by a San Jose auto repair specialist at Leale’s. Contact us at (408) 286-5350 to get your free estimate.

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