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Engine Replacement in San Jose

Expert Engine Rebuild Service

Each type of vehicles has a different type of engine control system. Fortunately, our San Jose auto repair technicians are trained to rebuild and replace engines of all types. If you are experiencing any type of engine problem, such as poor fuel economy or constant dashboard warning lights, you should bring your vehicle into Leale’s. Additionally, if you have been told by another shop that your engine needs to be rebuilt, we can give you a second opinion.

Our technicians are trained to diagnose issues pertaining to your:

  • Electrical system
  • Emissions
  • Fuel injection system
  • Restraint systems
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Ignition system

If your engine has stopped performing and you are unsure whether rebuilding or replacing is the most feasible option, we can help. We will perform a thorough inspection and provide you with our recommendation. To request a free estimate, contact us now at (408) 286-5350!

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  • 50 Years of Rebuilds and Repairs transmissions on site
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