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San Jose’s Check Engine Light Experts

The check engine light is a warning that you might be tempted to ignore. However, you should know that ignoring a check engine light can cause you a lot of issues. For example, there might be a problem which means your car is burning more fuel than is needed – taking money out of your pocket. It might also cause you to suffer from reduced car performance. When this happens, count on Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmission to fix it for you. Here are a few reasons why that light might be on.

Gas Cap Problems

A common reason that your check engine light might be on is because there is an issue with the gas cap. It could be loose or it could be missing altogether. Ignoring this issue means that you will lose precious fuel through evaporation and you will have to make more frequent trips to the gas pump. Thankfully, this issue can be fixed simply by replacing the gas cap.

Your Catalytic Converter Needs Replacing

Your catalytic converter helps the environment by minimizing the amount of harmful emissions coming from your vehicle. Damage usually occurs to the converter due to a lack of sufficient auto maintenance. If you are having problems with your catalytic converter, you may find that your car is suffering from reduced performance. This may cause your car to run at a higher temperature than it normally would.

Problems With the Mass Airflow

The mass airflow sensor tells the car to use the correct amount of fuel based on the airflow coming through the engine. When this part becomes faulty, it can lead to increased emissions, decreased gas mileage, and may also cause your vehicle to stall. Fortunately, this can easily be replaced at a shop.

Your Oxygen Sensor May Need Replacing

The oxygen sensor is responsible for monitoring how much fuel has been burned. When there are problems with the sensor, it can lead to problems such as increased emissions and decreased gas mileage. Failure to replace a faulty sensor can cause you to end up with a broken catalytic converter. While fixing an oxygen sensor is cheap, fixing a broken converter is not. A new catalytic converter could cost you upwards of $2,000.

Your Spark Plugs May Need Replacing

A check engine light might indicate a spark plug issue. Spark plugs need to be changed out regularly, so be sure to do so. Failure to maintain your spark plugs can lead to decreased performance from your vehicle.

Avoid a Costly Mistake

Often a check engine light is an easy and cheap fix. However it could sometimes lead to costly problems, such as a broken catalytic converter. If your check engine light comes on, bring your vehicle to us here at Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmission. We can quickly diagnose the problem and provide you with a solution at a very competitive price. We regularly fix significant issues, which could have been avoided if the customer had paid attention to their check engine light. So avoid their mistakes and get small problems fixed before they become large and costly ones.

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