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Hybrid Car Transmission Service in San Jose

As you may have noticed, hybrid cars have risen in popularity in the recent years. These vehicles are powered by both electricity and gasoline and can differ significantly in the way they are designed in comparison to regular cars. If you own one, it is important that you get your hybrid vehicle serviced and repaired by someone who is properly qualified to do the job, such as Leale’s Auto Repair.

Hybrid Car Transmission Repair

The transmission in a hybrid vehicle performs the same function as the transmission in a regular car. The way in which the transmission is put together can differ depending on the model of the hybrid that you have. Some cars, such as the Honda Insight, have a conventional transmission system, which is the same as a gasoline based car. Others, such as the Toyota Prius, have a transmission system which is very different.

Leaking Transmission Fluid

If you notice any transmission fluid leaking from your hybrid car, you should take it seriously. Generally, transmission fluid will appear as a bright red, dark red, or brown liquid color. Transmission fluid should not be coming into contact with your motor drives at all. With the popular hybrid car, the Prius, there have been rare reports of the transmission fluid leaking into the electric motor case, causing damage to the insulation. If you own one, take extra care to check for leaks.

Use the Right Hybrid Car Transmission Fluid

When it comes to hybrid cars, it is very important that you have the correct type of fluid in your transmission system. Using the wrong grade of transmission fluid could result in a broken system, which can result in a costly hybrid transmission repair. Here at Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmission, we are experts in servicing hybrid transmissions and will be able to provide you with the correct type of fluid for use in your vehicle.

Transmission Failure Warning Signs

As with gasoline based cars, there are plenty of warning signs that your hybrid car’s transmission needs to be serviced. For example, you may notice that your car seems to move sluggishly between gears. This sluggishness might also be accompanied by abnormal noises such as a “thud” kind of sound coming from the engine. You may also smell burning coming from your engine. In some cases, this can mean that your transmission fluid is burned. In extreme cases, the transmission itself can burn, which is cause for a complete rebuild of the system. With modern hybrid vehicles, you will most likely have a dedicated warning light which will indicate any issues with your transmission system.

Don’t Ignore the Signs

If you ignore the warning signs of a failing transmission, it can end up being a very costly mistake. Here at Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmission, we can diagnose and quickly fix any transmission issues which you may be having with your hybrid car’s transmission. We are fully qualified to work on all kinds of hybrid vehicles. If you feel it is not safe to drive your car, give us a call at (408) 286-5350 and we will use a tow truck to bring your car to the garage.

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