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Work Truck Repair in San Jose

If you are running a business which uses vehicles, you will need to have them inspected and maintained on a regular basis in order to keep your business running smoothly. Failure to do so could lead to issues that can take money out of your pocket. If you are in need of a fleet truck mechanic, look no further than Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmission. We specialize in performing preventive maintenance on your work vehicles so that you can rely on them to get the job done when they are needed. We can service a range of different vehicles from small cars, to semi-trucks. We will keep your fleet of work vehicles working in top condition.

Work Truck Maintenance

When it comes to work trucks, your transmission will often be the part of your car which will need the most attention. If your work truck is hauling heavy loads, the transmission will certainly take a battering. To ensure that the transmission will not fail on a work vehicle, you should have transmission maintenance performed twice as frequently as you would normally expect.

Another part of work trucks which needs to be focused on are the tires. A work truck which is used regularly will need its tires changed every 3,000 miles or so. When the tires are changed on a work truck, this also presents an opportunity for other parts of the vehicle to be inspected and maintained. With the tires off, our Fleet Truck Mechanic will be able to check up on your brakes and brake lines.

When it comes to semi-trucks, it is particularly imperative that you have your brakes checked and maintained on a regular basis. The last thing you want as a semi-truck driver is for your brakes to fail when you really need them.

Paint Job Renewals

Not only is it important to keep your work trucks in good working order, but it is also important to keep them looking good as well. This is particularly important if they are going to be seen frequently by clients. Here at Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmission, we can renew the paint work on your fleet of work trucks and have them looking uniform and pristine. Your work trucks can be a good way to advertise your company, so you should have them looking as perfect as you possibly can.

Showing the Best Side of Your Company

Both the inside and the outside of your fleet is important to maintain, as first impressions are important when it comes to your clients. Having working cars is one half of the equation, just as having beautifully painted cars is the other half. When you want to continually impress your clients, have Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmission take care of repairs, maintenance, and paint jobs for you.

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